Sony Unveils AI-Powered 4K PTZ Camera

Sony Electronics has unveiled its latest flagship 4K 60p pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera model, the BRC-AM7, which comes with an integrated lens. The camera features PTZ Auto Framing technology powered by artificial intelligence


Workplace trend update: Indeed Hiring Tracker

New findings from Indeed’s quarterly hiring tracker shares insights on the rise of workplace trends in India Inc and examines how trends like moonlighting, quiet quitting, hustle culture and ghosting culture are

Xbox App Update For Apple Users

Microsoft is going to develop an application related specifically to apple software. The goal is to carry the capability of letting the users stream their favorite games from their Xbox 1 console

Instagram updates some features

Instagram has created and added a new feature for its users. This new feature will allow the users to make a reel for about thirty seconds. Earlier, the reel was restricted to

Opera gets redesigned

The company Opera has arrived with its browsers being modernized for the android system and desktops. For android, the modernized version is opera version 60 and for desktop, it is desktop version

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