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Google Contacts Introduces Feature to View Loved Ones’ Locations Without Opening Maps

Google has recently introduced an update to the Google Contacts app, allowing users to access real-time location data of their family and friends directly within the app. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for users who are concerned about the safety and whereabouts of their loved ones. Previously, sharing one’s location required manual sharing through Google Maps, but the new feature simplifies the process by integrating it into the Google Contacts app on Android. To access this feature, users need to have version of the Google Contacts app.

To utilize the feature, individuals must have their contacts’ Gmail addresses added to the Contacts app. If a contact has shared their location using Google Maps, users will notice a Google Maps box below the options to call and text them. This allows users to view directions to the contact’s location if it is shared, and they can also receive notifications when the contact arrives at their location.

While this addition may seem simple, it streamlines the process of accessing someone’s location directly from the Google Contacts app. The feature can be especially valuable for individuals who may not be technologically savvy, such as the elderly, providing a straightforward way to access shared location information.



Google Contacts Now Allows Users To See Location Of Their Loved Ones  Without Opening Maps - News18
Google Contacts Now Allows Users To See Location Of Their Loved Ones Without Opening Maps

In other Google-related news, the company has introduced a new feature known as eco-friendly routing. This feature offers users estimates of fuel- or energy-efficiency for specific routes, taking into account the type of vehicle engine. When enabled, the feature considers fuel or energy efficiency alongside its existing recommendations for optimal routes that avoid traffic and road conditions.

The ability to check real-time location data within the Google Contacts app is a notable improvement, adding a layer of convenience for users concerned about the safety and location of their contacts. By integrating this feature, Google aims to enhance the user experience and provide a seamless way for individuals to stay connected with their loved ones.

For users to take advantage of this feature, it is essential to update the Google Contacts app to the latest version, ensuring compatibility and access to the new location-sharing functionality. As technology continues to evolve, these types of user-friendly updates contribute to a more connected and accessible digital experience for individuals of all ages.

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