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Opera gets redesigned

The company Opera has arrived with its browsers being modernized for the android system and desktops. For android, the modernized version is opera version 60 and for desktop, it is desktop version 71. The new version has restructured sync proficiencies that are able to create a connection between any android device & Opera and also with any other system such as Windows or Linux or MAC. It can happen as the new version uses QR code to scan the connection.
There is also a famous feature that can allow you to access any site on the homepage of Opera. It now too comes with easy file function.



Opera for Android 60

Besides the new syncing function, there is yet another feature that allows any user to share their folders/files or links of any YouTube videos/audios or pictures to anyone. This feature is also available when you want to share from your android mobile to your laptop or your computer. Furthermore, the flow is encrypted in end-to-end which will allow the users to know about their stored items.

The QR scan codes are so easy to work with that if you have entered your login details for the first time then you don’t need to do that again and again after every time you open a QR scanner. Your data can be synced rapidly.

The speed dials option is also available in the new opera android 60 which is under the suggested site feature. The section is faster and intelligent than it was before. Also, it tells about the person’s most frequently visited sites and prefer it over other less used sites. The user can also manually add web pages as per their preferences to both bookmarks as well as to the speed dial. Suggested sites are there right below the old speed dial unit. Other than a QR scanner, it also includes an unlimited VPN browser, a cookie dialog blocker & a crypto wallet. Moreover, if any user faces any kind of problem, they can even simply disable the feature.

You can avail of the benefits of opera android 60 by downloading it easily from google play store.

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