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Instagram updates some features

Instagram has created and added a new feature for its users. This new feature will allow the users to make a reel for about thirty seconds. Earlier, the reel was restricted to fifteen seconds.

The social media giant has also declared some helpful and rudimentary updates regarding the making of videos and sharing functions. Instagram is competing with a Chinese video sharing platform, TikTok.

Some other updates will comprise of ranging the timer to about ten seconds. Along with that, the user will be able to shorten and remove any video. These updates will reach out to the users in the coming days.


Image from Instagram


These updates were announced through another social media giant, Twitter, and with these changes, the process will become a lot smoother and a variety of clips can be uploaded easily.

Soon after TikTok was banned in the country, Indian users got to experience a real benefit when it comes to uploading numerous videos. The reel is a type of video maker and you can also share the same with your friends. But the clip is short and users can edit the clips according to their whims and fancies.

Unfortunately, what TikTok offers, reels on Instagram can not provide the same features but the latest changes will allow us to experience the moments for a longer time period.

India is first in line to have a tab solely dedicated to reels as Indian users showed a good amount of interest.