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Xbox App Update For Apple Users

Microsoft is going to develop an application related specifically to apple software. The goal is to carry the capability of letting the users stream their favorite games from their Xbox 1 console directly to their Apple smartphones.

The latest version of Apple software Xbox will launch soon for downloading purposes through Apple’s Application Store. The experience is said to be imitated. Microsoft has also currently offered to Android devices via the Xbox application’s last beta version.

The same can be done with android users. They can too stream their favorite games from their consoles to their Android mobiles.


Image from Xbox

The senior editor of Verge has highlighted the early Xbox app update for the beta access for apple users via a video that was posted earlier on Twitter. The app seems to allow Xbox 1 users to stream their favorite from the console to their apple smartphones easily.

Also, the senior editor said that the update in the Xbox application will allow its users to admission their Xbox One console from apple smartphone over Wi-Fi or LTE telecommunication; which tells that you can gain access to the remote even when your apple mobile isn’t on the same network range as of your Xbox. It will too let you easily switch on your Xbox 1 even when you are not at home or you are using a separate network from your available home Wi-Fi.

It is significant to note that Xbox 1 games aren’t similar to Microsoft’s xCloud service as it provides game streaming platforms to the near devices from a server and you cannot play the games or stream it on your console.

Also, the senior editor has said that in the updated Xbox app, there will be a presence of a connect button which will allow the users to connect and start playing their favorite games from their Xbox 1 console. The update will also bring features like downloading or sharing the clips of games and screenshots will be captured on their connected console. Users should also expect some enhancements in the performance from the prevailing version.

No updates have been given in regards to the Xbox for iOS software but it is going to be debuted soon in and around 10th November 2020.

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