Reliance Jio tests 4G video calls and TV service at IIT Mumbai Techfest

4g_lte_logo_640x360Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd tested its 4G network at the Techfest in IIT Mumbai by running trials of video calls on the high-speed network and also demonstrating the forthcoming Jio TV service, among others.

“LTE is about Learn to Earn. More than 78 per cent of Indian content comes from outside. We must work towards shifting content to India. We should look at creating Health Exchanges to create affordable Healthcare supported by broadband,” RJIL’s President for Strategy and Products, Mathew Oommen said at the event.

RJIL is country’s only pan-India 4G spectrum holder. The company also deployed Wi-Fi network at select locations in the campus. Visitors to the Techfest will be able to experience benefit of high speed wireless connectivity for handheld devices (smartphones and tablets) over a blend of LTE and Wi-Fi networks.

A company executive while explaining products at the event said RJIL services are under trial and will be substantially refined as Jio gets ready for “its commercial launch”.  Jio will also be using the Techfest to conduct trials of some consumer ‘beta’ testing experience so as to improve the commercial product through the feedback they receive from customers.

The company at the event demonstrated Live TV and video on demand, with HD viewing experience. Live TV has 16 HD channels and total 101 channels. Video on demand has more than 400 movies. Jio television has a feature that eliminates the need for recording content. Talking about Jio Television service, an executive said: “Catch-up TV with 7 days of stored content for each channel complements the viewing experience and eliminates the need to remember to record your favourite show.” The company at the event also demonstrated 3D TV experience and Ultra HD Video Experience on its 4G network.


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