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Catchpoint to Boost Google Cloud Resilience with ‘Internet Stack’ APM

Catchpoint, an organization based in New York, positions itself as the leading authority in internet resilience, particularly amidst the increasing prevalence of web-based, cloud, edge, and virtualized computing environments. With a focus on robustness, system stability, and comprehensive resilience, Catchpoint has introduced its Test Suite for Google Cloud, aiming to simplify end-to-end monitoring of Google Cloud services from various customer-selected endpoints.

This suite, specifically tailored to enhance operational performance and user experience, enables seamless configuration and management of cloud service tests. Positioned as part of Catchpoint’s Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform, the Test Suite for Google Cloud functions akin to Application Performance Management (APM), albeit directed towards monitoring the Internet Stack rather than an application stack.


Catchpoint to Boost Google Cloud Resilience with 'Internet Stack' APM
Catchpoint to Boost Google Cloud Resilience with ‘Internet Stack’ APM

The Test Suite empowers IT teams to deploy multiple tests for Google Cloud services, leveraging both Google Cloud’s and Catchpoint’s best practices for efficient issue detection and troubleshooting. The emphasis is on reducing complexity and time investments, ensuring accessibility even for novice users. Catchpoint’s CEO and co-founder, Mehdi Daoudi, underscores the collaboration’s goal of simplifying network performance monitoring for businesses utilizing Google Cloud services, emphasizing the criticality of optimal performance, resilience, and user experience in today’s cloud-centric landscape.

This initiative aligns with Catchpoint’s integration into the Google Cloud network observability partner ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of offering diverse observability solutions tailored to specific needs, including hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. Raj Gulani, Google Cloud’s director of product management for network experiences, underscores the value of a robust partner ecosystem in providing choice and leveraging existing observability solutions for effective monitoring of Google Cloud workloads.

The Test Suite comprises pre-set test templates for key Google Cloud services such as BigQuery, Spanner, Cloud Storage, and Compute Engine. These templates offer customization options, allowing users to swiftly adapt tests to their unique requirements, particularly beneficial for businesses requiring rapid deployment and monitoring of cloud services.

In summary, Catchpoint’s Test Suite for Google Cloud represents a significant advancement in the realm of cloud service monitoring, aiming to simplify and enhance network performance monitoring for businesses leveraging Google Cloud services. With a focus on accessibility, efficiency, and customization, this initiative underscores the importance of robust monitoring solutions in ensuring optimal performance and resilience in today’s cloud-driven landscape.

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