InTouch Solutions Announces New Online Resource Center For Customer Service Professionals

downloadInTouch Solutions announces the launch of their new online resource center devoted to helping customer service, customer experience and contact center professionals. The resource center is designed to provide information to entry- through C-level executives across sales and service industries and will be useful to anyone interested in advancing their customer experience management skills.

The Customer Connection

“The Customer Connection” will provide research and education and help stakeholders in the customer service industry learn about products and services that can improve their organization including automated messaging solutions like automated telephone surveys and calls, email and web surveys.

“As the person responsible for our customer facing image, I spend a lot of time online tracking industry trends and emerging technologies, and I was surprised at the lack of cohesive information around best practices in the customer experience discipline,” said Jeana Salomone, Director of Marketing at InTouch Solutions. “The Customer Connection models something I would’ve liked to stumble upon in my research. The information is out there, but it’s spread out. The Customer Connection is a single site allowing people who are involved in customer experience management to get a deeper dive into what’s happening in the industry.”

The Bottom Line

There is big money sitting on the table. According to BlueWolf Consulting, a 1% improvement in first call response can save you an average of $276,000 annually and 85% of your business could be lost due to poor customer service. So it’s imperative that customer experience professionals stay current and focused on improvements in the call center. The Customer Connection will provide case studies, white papers, videos, demos and other media that IDs trends in customer service.

The first article in The Customer Connection is “Top 7 Survey Goals” which gives advice on moving beyond “how did we do?” when framing survey questions ( The article highlights the importance of starting your survey with a firm objective and gives alternate survey goals to help deliver actionable data. Upcoming information will focus on Marketing to Improve Customer Service, Customer Service in a Mobile Age and Best Survey Delivery Methods, among others. The Customer Connection will have a new Article every month with new Case Studies and Whitepapers interspersed throughout the year.

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