WhatsApp for Android Update adds option to hide ‘last seen’ Notification,profile photo,status and more ..

whatsapp_update_privacy_screenshotsWhatsApp on Monday began rolling out an update for its Android app, bringing new privacy settings to devices running Android v2.1 and higher.The WhatsApp for Android update has brought the option to hide the ‘last seen’ notification, profile photo and status through privacy settings. In order use the feature, users need to install the latest WhatsApp (2.11.186) update from the Google Play Store. Once the application is updated, users will find the new privacy feature in settings menu under account settings. So far, users can hide all three pieces of information from people not on their contact list, from select people, or from everyone. The feature that was already present on iOs devices.The updated WhatsApp app for Android has now added an option to share/save profile photo/group icon. Another interesting integration to WhatsApp for Android is the service payment feature, which lets users pay for their friends’ WhatsApp service. Users need to go visit contacts, check the particular contact’s info, and press the menu option, where they will find the option for making the payment.

The WhatsApp update for Android now adds an option to show unread messages on the home screen widget for devices running Android 3.0 and higher. Few other tweaks include a camera shortcut for quicker picture sending, large video thumbnails in chat, and an option to increase the message history a user can send.

The update also fixes few bugs for some devices. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 voice note recording volume bug has also been fixed with the update, while it also enabled Hindi language support for Sony Xperia phones running Android 4.1 and higher.


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