Firefox OS May Receive Widgets

fabi1cazenave.github.io_Mozilla’s Firefox Operating System is a smartphone and tablet OS, which is designed to run web apps that are made using HTML5.  The trouble with applications is that they come in all manner of different sizes.  The management over at Sony would like to bring in some support for home screen widgets to the Firefox OS.

This new move would allow you to install apps, which you then could interact with right from the home screen.  Maybe  it is an application that would display news or the local weather. Sony has named these “widget-like” items “gadgets” and the company has already submitted code to the Firefox OS developer community for their consideration.

The ‘gadgets’ would work along the same line as widgets do on Google’s Android Operating System. The user would be able to long de-press the home screen that would bring up a menu, which would then allow them to select a specific gadget. The user may also add gadgets to the lock screen. The ‘gadgets’ could then be resized or moved with on-screen swipes and taps. The user could interact with content in the gadget without launching the full application, or tapping it could bring up the app.

Whilst Mozilla is the forerunner of development for the Firefox Operating System, it is an open source OS that allows anyone with a high-quality initiative to submit it for consideration.  Sony has not yet actually announced any mobile phones or tablets for that matter, which will ship with the Firefox Operating System, although the technology giant has been further testing Firefox OS on their existing devices such as the Sony Xperia E since last year.


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