Tails Linux Users Faces Security Threat Even After Updates

Bad news for Tails Linux users, who thought security patch fixed it!

While researchers aim to verify a point of “no software is infallible”, they are also finding bugs in a privacy Linux distribution, Tails Linux, which was favored by Edward Snowden. The open source Tails Linux issued its 1.1 update last week which provided multiple security fixes but one vulnerability still remains.

Tails, which is an ellipsis for The Amnesic Incognito Live System, focuses on enabling user privacy when they are online. The Tails debuted in the month of April and gained popularity as U.S National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden used it.

It released the bug fixes, out of which four are security patches and out of these four, a browser update is based on latest Firefox ESR. There is one more update to the Linux 3.14.12-1 Kernel which provides a repair for a denial of service vulnerability identified as CVE-2014-4699.

Tails is still under danger from many undisclosed security threats exposed by Exodus Intelligence which is a company that emerged in 2012, co-founded by Aaron Portnoy, who previously managed security research team at HP. The flaw is within Invisible Internet Project which could enable hacker to deanonymize a Tails user.

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