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Instagram putting its efforts on developing Text-based app, a competitor for Twitter !!

Instagram comes up with a new "text based app"

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, held confidential meetings with selected creators to present its concept for a short-word app. It is expected to have a limit of 500 words and is considered as a competitor of the famous text based bird logo app, Twitter. There is no certain name given to it yet, but some rumored names in the frame are P92 or Barcelona. Lets have a look at how the reports about Instagram working on a new text-based app months prior are turning to be true , recently some reports have revealed about the functionality, designs and other significant features of the under development app.

Similar to Instagram, the upcoming app will empower creators with control over their content and provide account safety features. Users will have the ability to conveniently block, report, and manage replies and mentions. The app will inherit blocked accounts and hidden words from Instagram, along with the existing Instagram Community Guidelines. However, details about monetization opportunities for creators have not been disclosed at this time.

Instagram’s new text-based app (Source: ICYMI Newsletter)

Some key features as mentioned in this released picture over the internet through Meta sources are-:

  • Talk directly with your audience and peers – Create with text and attach links, photos and videos.
  • Bring your fans with you – Quickly build an audience. One tap follow.
  • Tune out the Noise – Safety is the main concern this time around, same Community Guidelines.
  • Reach new audiences – Inter app users engagement , creators may be eligible to recommend to people who don’t yet follow them.

Meta has been in contact with talent agencies and celebrities to assess their interest in testing a preliminary version of the app, which will be seamlessly integrated with Instagram. Lia Haberman, a social and influencer marketing instructor at UCLA, has revealed a preliminary app description screenshot, indicating that the forthcoming app, which will be independent from Instagram but allow for account linking, is anticipated to launch as early as June. Additionally, Haberman’s screenshot implies future plans to ensure compatibility with other Twitter competitor apps such as Mastodon. You will be able toΒ post texts of up to 500 characters, share photos, attach links, and add up to 5 minutes long videos.Β 

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