India to receive its fastest Supercomputer worth 900 crore rupees

Kiren Rijiju , Union Minister of Earth Sciences of India

Kiren Rijiju , Union Minister of Earth Sciences of India

Union Minister of Earth Sciences of India , Kiren Rijiju has said that India is about to acquire its fastest Supercomputer , the cost of this supercomputer will be around 900 crores and will become operational from March, next year. This supercomputer will take India closest to accurate and high resolution prediction of weather forecasting, he said. He had visited the NCMRWF (National Centre For Medium Range Weather Forecasting) in NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh, and told about the title development to media.

In his addressing to media , it was observed that the Union Minister was proud stating the fact that India’s weather forecasting abilities are increasing day after day. The new Supercomputer has the capability of forecasting weather from twelve to six kilometers. It is believed to have thrice the capability than that of India’s first supercomputer “Mihir” or Cray XC-40 Supercomputer. The performance power of Supercomputers are measured in an unit known as petaFLOPS , Mihir had 6.8 petaFLOPS , so the new one is supposed to have around 18 petaFLOPS of power performance.

The facilities of this world-class center will benefit all sectors, all sectors of society, in fact every individual in the country will directly benefit from this institution, he added.

Kiren Rijiju addressing the media at NCMRWF, NOIDA

Under the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s leadership, India has made significant advances in the application of Science & Technology. We are also extending weather forecasts to countries in the neighborhood and beyond,” he said. Rijiju said the NCMRWF is a leading institution of its kind in the world. “It’s a matter of great pride for India that our NCMRWF is going to be the world class center,” he said. Rijiju was handed over the Ministry of Earth Sciences after his position was reduced from being Union Minister for Law which was transferred over to Arjun Ram Meghwal , a year before the national election.

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