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PM Modi makes an opening speech at G7 , focuses on democratization of Technology and food security

PM Narendra Modi speaks about Food and Technology at G7 Summit (File Photo)

As Hiroshima, Japan is organizing the G7 Summit , Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also made his presence in the International event. In his inaugural speech , Modi focused on talking mainly about Food Security and Democratization of Technology. He strongly stressed on these two topics as the Indian PM was cordially invited by Japanese PM to represent ‘Global South’ despite India not being a member of G7.

In an interview with Nikkei Asia, a news portal, PM Modi said he hopes to discuss challenges the world faces within spheres of energy, digital technology and supply chains with India’s bilateral partners present in Japan. He added that he would “emphasize India’s role” in tackling these issues. Modi emphasized the importance of democratizing technology, highlighting its potential to serve as a bridge connecting development and democracy. The prime minister emphasized that the development model should facilitate welfare and not impede the progress of developing nations.

Narendra Modi at G7 Summit , representing Global South (Image Credits -: Times of India)

“I am confident that our discussions today will be useful in creating an important link between the agenda of the G20 and the G7. And will be successful in prioritizing the hopes and expectations of the Global South,” he said.

“We can create a new model of natural farming as an alternative to fertilizers around the world. I believe that we should take the benefit of digital technology to every farmer in the world,” he said.

He gave a 10-point call to action to address food, health and development-related issues plaguing the world. Modi said that there is a need to separate organic food from “fashion statement and commerce” and instead, it should be linked to nutrition and health. He also discussed the benefits of millets. When questioned about India’s aspiration for a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, Modi expressed his concerns about the institution’s limitations in addressing crucial global issues such as climate change, the Covid-19 pandemic, terrorism, and more. He emphasized that the UN Security Council is still restricted by outdated perspectives and approaches.

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