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ICANN- Strategic and Operational Planning Committee

The aim of the committee is to coordinate, facilitate, and increase the participation of ccTLD managers in the strategic and operational planning related budgetary processes of ICANN and Public Technical Identifiers (PTI). The ccNSO Council and individual ccTLD managers, collectively or individually, will be invited to support the position or input of the committee. Membership in the committee is open to all ccTLD managers (whether members or nonmembers of the ccNSO). The committee may submit a relevant Rejection Action Petition against the ICANN and Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) budgets or their strategic and operating plans. During ICANN74, the SOPC will review and discuss with the ccTLD community the goal, scope, and method of ccNSO input into ICANN strategic and operational planning processes.

This session informs the ICANN community on the views of ccTLDs from different geographical regions on DNS abuse. What are their top priorities? What do they do to mitigate DNS abuse? The session serves as useful input for the ccNSO DNS Abuse Standing Committee, which is the core of the ccTLD-driven process around DNS abuse. In keeping with the nature of the ccNSO, the purpose of the committee is not to formulate any policy or standards, recognizing that policy development in this area is out of scope of the ccNSO policy remit. The overarching purpose is to raise understanding and awareness of the issues pertaining to DNS abuse, promote open and constructive dialogue, and ultimately to assist ccTLD managers in their efforts to mitigate the impact of DNS abuse.

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