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ICANN74, the TLD-OPS Standing Committee

On 15th of June the TLD-OPS Standing Committee will have a meeting with its security subcommittee. They will review progress to date, action items, and refine its strategy. The security subcommittee will discuss its effectiveness since its formation and if any changes or improvements are needed.

The focus of the ICANN74 governance session will be on ccNSO statement of interest and conflict of interest processes.
Based on feedback from this session, the subteam of the ccNSO Guidelines Review Committee will develop proposals for consideration by the ccNSO Council and ccNSO membership. In addition, there will be a discussion on how the inclusion of IDN ccTLD managers as members of the ccNSO will impact existing rules and operating procedures.

The purpose of the standing committee is to govern the daily operation of the TLD-OPS email list and, when necessary, to develop and implement progress plans for future improvements and developments of the TLD-OPS email list, including its ecosystem. TLD-OPS is the incident response community for and by ccTLDs and brings together those who are responsible for the overall security and stability of their ccTLD. The goal of the TLD-OPS community is to enable ccTLD operators worldwide to collaboratively strengthen their incident response capabilities.


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