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ICANN 74 Board of Organisation held in The Hague, Netherlands

After more than two years of meetings, ICANN 74 is held in The Hague- Netherlands from 13-16 June. It is ensured that public meeting will be committed which provides equal opportunities for everyone to engage on public matters. ICANN 74 will be accommodated both in person as well as virtual meetings. ICANN is a policy forum which means it will focus on policy work and community outreach.

The first session which will be held on 13th of June will be of “New gTLD Subsequent Procedures- Working together”. In this session, The ICANN Org’s New Generic Top Level Domain Subsequent Procedures Operational Design Phase Team will give updates of their work and required feedback.

The second session which is held on 14th of June which will be of “Planetary Session: Who sets ICANN Priorities?”. In this session ccNSO and GNSO will have a discussion of common interest and what happens if policy recommendations will accept either council or policy development and will focus on ICANN Board, Org and community prioritization efforts.

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