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Judge To Decide Whether Tiktok Bans

It is in the discussion whether to permit Trump’s administration to ban on TikTok’s downloads, which is as per trump’s government is trying to create a devastating blow.

The district of the United States has kept a promised to consider on an accelerated basis about TikTok’s appeal to block trump’s order before the decision is taken on 27th September.

The judge present in Washington was rereading Trump’s administration claims that the Chinese video-sharing platform has posed a threat to national security, also the firm has denied all the accusations and has said that even a temporary ban could do irreversible harm to the corporation.


Image from TikTok

The department of justice of the United States and lawyers of the Chinese video-sharing platform have agreed that is going to register briefs that are not going to be available for the public. Amongst all that, it will not allow disclosing any single about national security and confidential business data.

In its early petition, TikTok said that a lot of damage can be inflicted if the United States government imposes a temporary ban on the service.

Before the trump’s administration got intervened, ByteDance owned company was one of the fastest-growing applications in the United States of America. Further, TikTok’s growth is necessary to maintain its competitive market position.

TikTok has a measured and registered around 100 million users only from the United States and around 700 million from the rest of the country which in turn makes TikTok one of the largest applications that there is, in the life of social media.

A ban would result in revenue loss as people (won’t use the app) and harm to the company’s reputation and goodwill. Those things will make TikTok highly unlikely to salvage even after the ban is lifted.

Status quo
The status quo says that the government’s idea is to not immediately prevent TikTok’s usage but also prevent new subscribers or users to download the application and use it further.

Researchers have pointed out that even if a temporary ban happens to the company, users will stop themselves from downloading the updates and security patches for the application.

The company TikTok is given some time until 12th November which has given the company enough time to settle a deal to transfer ownership of the application.

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