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OnePlus Android 11 Carries Zen Mode Experience

The Chinese smartphone manufacturing firm has updated the Zen Mode app for its smartphones which will run on Android 10. It will bring a huge set of new and different features that was earlier set to arrive through OxygenOS 11 which is precisely based on Android 11.

Through a current creator, one plus’s recent launch will have the new offerings. Nonetheless, the company has brought the new and updated Zen Mode app which will provide its users with a parallel experience. Though, this feature is yet to receive the Android 11-based update.


Image from OnePlus


As per the XDA Inventors, the updated app of Zen Mode permits any user to make a virtual room and also allows the users to invite friends and participate together. The update carries a diversity of themes that help in enhancing the user’s immersive meditation experience.

The updated Zen Mode application also comes with the ability to let the user record their daily moments from Zen and then review it separately for keeping a track of their progress towards attentiveness and focus.

The previous month, the company also gave a foretaste of all these features which are going to be there in the latest android versions. Also, the company has proclaimed HydrogenOS 11, which is known to be a Chinese version of OxygenOS 11. Users who were testing the OxygenOS 11 too got the opportunity of experiencing the Zen Mode. Still, the users can experience the features simply by updating the Zen Mode app on their Android 10 OnePlus mobiles.

You can download the latest zen mode app through the Google Play store.

To bring a solution towards the firm’s patented digital & meditation apps, Zen Mode was previously presented with the OnePlus 7 Pro. The updated version is available in other OnePlus mobiles.

Also, the company hasn’t released the proper details regarding the launch of Android 11.