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X reinstates arbitrary blue verification badges, causing further uncertainty regarding verification

The ongoing confusion surrounding the verification process on X, previously known as Twitter, has taken a new turn. Recently, Elon Musk’s X has caused a stir by randomly granting blue checkmarks to certain accounts.

For years, these blue checks served as Twitter’s method of verifying prominent accounts belonging to celebrities, politicians, and other notable figures. However, following Musk’s acquisition of X for $44 billion last October, the verification rules underwent significant changes.

Initially, X began charging a monthly fee of $8 for verification, leading to numerous high-profile accounts losing their blue checkmarks. This decision resulted in a flood of complaints and the proliferation of fake checkmarks by impersonators.

In a surprising development, a multitude of users suddenly found themselves with complimentary blue checkmarks in the past couple of days. This unexpected giveaway ranged from obscure accounts to well-known celebrities like Yvette Nicole Brown, sparking a mix of joy and frustration among recipients.

Expressing her dismay, the actress took to Twitter to clarify that she had not paid for the verification and would never do so. Additionally, some users shared tips on how to remove the unearned blue checkmarks through account settings.

So, what prompted this sudden change? Last week, Musk announced that accounts with over 2,500 verified followers would receive free Premium perks, including blue checkmarks. Accounts with more than 5,000 followers would even qualify for the Premium+ tier at no cost.

However, the specifics of this new policy remain unclear. Some users received only a vague notification labeling them as an “influential member of the community.” While some users welcomed the surprise verification, others, like Yvette Nicole Brown, expressed frustration at being mistakenly perceived as paying for the check mark.

This latest development adds to X’s existing challenges regarding content moderation, misinformation, and a decline in advertiser confidence. The platform’s verification process, once a symbol of credibility, has become yet another source of confusion and frustration for users.

In summary, Elon Musk’s X has introduced a new twist to its verification process by randomly granting blue checkmarks to select accounts. This move follows previous changes to the verification system, which included the introduction of a monthly fee for verification. While some users welcomed the unexpected verification, others raised concerns about the lack of clarity surrounding the new policy. The confusion surrounding X’s verification process highlights broader issues faced by the platform, including content moderation and misinformation.

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