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Elon Musk reveals that ‘X’ users can now upload and monetize full-length videos


Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, announced on Friday that users subscribed to the platform ‘X’ can now upload and monetize full-length videos, including movies, TV series, or podcasts.

In response to his sister Tosca Musk, who co-founded the streaming service Passionflix, Elon Musk stated that users can now share their full-length movies on ‘X’ and earn money through subscriptions.

Tosca expressed her appreciation for people watching her movies on the platform ‘X’.

One user suggested allowing the posting of films with a one-time fee, suggesting that it would make ‘X’ a genuine movie platform without requiring a subscription.

Elon acknowledged the suggestion, noting that ‘X’ would require significant improvements to its video-playing mechanism for such a feature to be implemented.

Additionally, Elon informed his followers about the upcoming ‘AI Audiences’ feature, which will enable advertisers to describe their target audience briefly, and the platform’s AI systems will generate a pool of the most relevant ‘X’ users to target in seconds.

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