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Wipro Commits $1 Billion Investment into AI Over Next 3 Years, Will Train 2.5 Lakh Employees

Wipro investing $1 billion in AI training for employees (Image: Wipro ai360)

With a forward-thinking vision and a strategic focus on innovation, Wipro, a prominent global technology company, has recently announced a remarkable commitment to invest a staggering $1 billion into artificial intelligence (AI) over the next three years. This significant investment marks Wipro’s strong dedication to harnessing the potential of AI and positioning itself as a leader in this rapidly evolving field.

Wipro has introduced an innovative initiative named Wipro ai360, with the goal of seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into all facets of the company’s operations and client solutions. With a strong commitment to responsible AI, Wipro introduces Wipro ai360, a groundbreaking initiative that aims to establish an innovation ecosystem.

Wipro ai360 launch, $1 billion to be invested in AI Training (Image: Wipro)

This initiative leverages Wipro’s expertise in data analytics, AI, technology, and advisory services to create a comprehensive tool. Wipro ai360 focuses on expanding AI, data, and analytics solutions, driving research and platform development, and strengthening cloud and consulting capabilities. This comes almost a week after rival Tata Consultancy Services said it planned to train 25,000 engineers to get them certified onย Microsoftโ€™s Azure Open AI.

Following the global sensation of ChatGPT, a generative AI chatbot developed by Microsoft-backed OpenAI, companies worldwide, including banks and major tech firms, have significantly increased their investments in AI. In response to this trend, Wipro has introduced Wipro ai360, an innovation ecosystem with a strong focus on AI. As part of this initiative, Wipro has committed to training its entire workforce of approximately 250,000 employees in AI within the next year.

Artificial Intelligence is a fast-moving field, Especially with the emergence of generative AI, we expect a fundamental shift up ahead, for all industries. New business models, new ways of working, and new challenges, too. This is exactly why Wiproโ€™s ai360 ecosystem places responsible AI operations at the heart of all our AI work. Itโ€™s meant to empower our talent pool and be ubiquitous across all our operations and processes, as well as our solutioning for clients. We are ready for the AI-driven future!

Wipro CEO Thierry Delaporte said.

Wipro’s comprehensive training programs will not only enable employees to understand and leverage AI technologies effectively, This upskilling initiative aims to equip employees with the tools and knowledge needed to address complex business challenges, create innovative solutions, and provide exceptional value to clients across industries.

With its substantial investment in AI and a robust employee training program, Wipro is poised to lead the way in leveraging the power of AI to drive business growth and transformation. By capitalizing on the potential of AI, Wipro aims to create a competitive edge, unlock new opportunities, and deliver superior customer experiences.

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