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Splitwise has introduced restrictions on the number of free expenses users can add

When it comes to dividing expenses among friends during parties, trips, or shared living arrangements, many turn to the Splitwise app. Recognized for its feature-rich platform and user-friendly interface, Splitwise has become the go-to solution for managing shared expenses. However, recent changes have introduced limitations on the number of expenses users can add for free, along with a 10-second cooldown before adding a new expense.

The latest update places restrictions on the number of free expenses users can input each day, prompting frustration among long-time Splitwise users. While some users reported a limit of three expenses, others experienced a maximum of four expenses per entry. Additionally, a 10-second cooldown period was observed on both Android and iOS platforms, as confirmed by Splitwise on its official website.

These new features are part of a strategy to encourage users to subscribe to Splitwise Pro, a premium version offering unlimited expenses, currency conversion, receipt scanning, and more. Splitwise Pro is available through a monthly subscription of Rs 149 or an annual payment of Rs 999 in India. In the United States, the subscription costs $5 per month or $40 annually.




Splitwise Now Limits Number Of Expenses You Can Add For Free, But Here Are  4 Apps That Don't - News18
Splitwise Now Limits Number Of Expenses You Can Add For Free, But Here Are 4 Apps That Don’t

The changes have led to dissatisfaction among users, with some expressing their frustration on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter). Concerns were raised about the inconvenience caused by the daily limit on expense input. Users expressed disappointment with Splitwise’s decision and sought alternatives to the app.

In response to these concerns, we have compiled a list of free and paid alternatives to Splitwise that users can explore for managing shared expenses:

1. **Splitkaro:**
– A made-in-India app that serves as a viable alternative to Splitwise.
– Offers features such as online bill splitting and managing household expenses.
– Allows users to import data from Splitwise for a seamless transition.
– Available for free on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
– No restrictions on the number of expenses that can be added daily.

2. **PhonePe, Google Pay:**
– UPI-based payment apps like Google Pay and PhonePe now include expense splitting features.
– While not dedicated expense-splitting apps, they provide free features for managing expenses.

3. **SplitMyExpenses:**
– A web-only platform accessible on mobile devices.
– Provides features like uploading receipts and adding an unlimited number of expenses for free.
– Enables various expense-splitting methods, including equal splitting, percentage-based splitting, and more.

4. **Settle Up – Group Expenses:**
– An alternative to Splitwise that doesn’t require every group member to download the app.
– Allows users to add as many expenses as needed, with occasional ads for free users.
– Offers an ad-free experience for a one-time payment of Rs 3,999.

As users seek alternatives in response to Splitwise’s changes, these platforms provide varied features and functionalities to meet diverse expense-sharing needs. Whether users prefer a dedicated expense-splitting app or opt for UPI-based payment apps with expense management features, there are alternatives available to cater to different preferences.

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