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WhatsApp Developing Text Status Feature with Vanishing Choices

WhatsApp, a chat application owned by Meta, is advancing its features in the realms of privacy and accessibility. The latest development involves the creation of a text status feature with disappearing options, as reported by WABetaInfo, a platform monitoring WhatsApp-related updates. This new feature, currently available for iOS beta testers in update version, empowers users with increased control over the visibility of their personal information.

The key functionality of this feature lies in allowing users to set a timer for their profile description. With this timer in place, the profile description automatically vanishes after a specified duration, enhancing privacy within the app. The disappearing text status feature is designed to offer users more flexibility and control in managing the accessibility of their personal information.

This initiative aligns with WhatsApp’s broader efforts to enhance user privacy. Earlier, the chat app introduced a security feature called the “secret code,” aiming to fortify the privacy of locked chats. The secret code feature introduces an additional layer of protection by enabling users to set a unique password distinct from the one used to unlock their devices. It not only enhances the security of private conversations through device biometrics but also provides the option to conceal the entire folder of locked chats from the chat list.



WhatsApp adds more options to its disappearing messages feature -  BusinessToday
WhatsApp adds more options to its disappearing messages feature

In a blog post announcement, WhatsApp stated, “With a secret code, you’ll now be able to set a unique password different from what you use to unlock your phone to give your locked chats an extra layer of privacy.” This added security measure provides users with choices to manage the visibility of locked chats, including the option to hide the Locked Chats folder from the chat list. Users can also employ a long-press gesture to lock new chats without navigating to the chat’s settings.

These privacy-focused updates reflect WhatsApp’s commitment to providing users with robust tools and features to safeguard their personal information and control their digital interactions effectively.

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