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OpenAI Postpones Launch of Custom GPT Store to Early 2024 With Sam Altman Back as CEO

OpenAI has decided to delay the launch of its custom GPT store until early 2024, according to an internal memo obtained by Reuters. The initial announcement for the custom GPTs and accompanying store was made during OpenAI’s first developer conference in November, with an original launch date later in the same month. The company expressed its commitment to refining the GPTs based on user feedback and ongoing efforts to make improvements.

This delay coincides with recent internal changes, including the temporary removal and subsequent reinstatement of CEO Sam Altman, which followed threats from staff members to resign. The custom GPTs are advanced AI assistant models designed to perform practical tasks such as booking flights for users. Users will also be able to share their GPTs and potentially generate income based on user engagement.


With Sam Altman's return as CEO, OpenAI delays launch of custom GPT store  to early 2024: Report - BusinessToday
With Sam Altman’s return as CEO, OpenAI delays launch of custom GPT store to early 2024:

The internal memo emphasizes the company’s dedication to addressing user input and making enhancements to the GPT models. Despite the internal challenges, the OpenAI boardroom situation appears to have settled for now, with Altman formally returning to the position of CEO after a five-day turmoil. It’s worth noting that Microsoft has secured a nonvoting board seat at OpenAI.

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