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Yantra Plans to Infuse Rs 100 Crore into India’s Generative AI Market

Yantra Tech Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd (Yantra), a management and technology services provider, has unveiled plans to invest Rs 100 crore in India’s Generative AI (Gen AI) market, signifying a substantial commitment to advancing artificial intelligence in the country. The investment initiative involves an aggressive recruitment strategy to onboard 500 highly skilled professionals from diverse regions of India within the next two years.

Vikram Bhandari, the Founder and CEO of Yantra, underscored the importance of integrating generative AI into various business functions. He emphasized its potential to automate repetitive tasks, facilitate data-driven decision-making, and optimize efficiency across sectors such as finance, HR, supply chain, sales, and customer support. Bhandari expressed confidence in the increasing adoption of cloud platforms by businesses, asserting that the integration of generative AI would bring about transformative benefits.



Yantra to Invest Rs.100 Crore in India's Gen AI Market
Yantra to Invest Rs.100 Crore in India’s Gen AI Market

Yantra is positioning itself as a catalyst for innovation in India’s AI landscape, focusing on expanding its service offerings and reinforcing the capabilities of its Centre of Excellence in Pune. The company’s commitment involves attracting new talent and fostering an innovative environment to contribute to the evolution of Gen AI in India.

Rajesh Pawar, the Director of Indian Operations at Yantra, highlighted the strategic opportunity to attract top talent amid a competitive job market. The focus is on harnessing Gen AI to elevate operational efficiency and intelligence in business practices, contributing to broader technological advancements. The company’s investment is expected to drive research and development initiatives in Gen AI, broaden the talent pool, and enhance its global footprint. Additionally, the funds will be utilized to train Gen AI consultants, tailor solutions for clients across industries, and explore entry into new sectors, positioning Yantra as a key player in India’s dynamic AI market.

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