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Users of Threads Down by 50% : Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg fighting the drop in Threads users, drop of 50% (Image: X | Screengrab)

In recent news, Threads, the messaging app owned by Facebook, has experienced a significant decline in its user base, with a staggering 50% decrease in active users. This unexpected downturn has sparked considerable attention, raising questions about Mark Zuckerberg’s strategies and the potential implications for Facebook’s future.

  • Threads was launched by Mark Zuckerberg last month, and the social media messaging platform saw a great acceptance for the hype created by Meta’s Owner. Threads, the innovative competitor to Twitter, generated immense excitement during its debut. Within an astonishingly short span of just five days, it amassed an impressive user base of over 100 million, claiming the title of the fastest-growing app ever. Nevertheless, subsequent to its launch, the app has encountered a noteworthy decline in user engagement.

As the audiences of messaging apps were recently not satisfied by Twitter and its policies of accessing the app. Also Twitter has been constantly under the radar of court cases due to copyright issues faced on the visual video content on the platform, this has led to financial losses for the former Birdlogo app (as former CEO Elon Musk announced the new name for the platform as ‘X’).

According to aย BBCย report, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Threads has lost more than half its users.ย In an internal town hall meeting, Mr. Zuckerberg said that the retention on the app wasย 

Better than what the executives had expected, but it was not perfect. If you have more than 100 million people sign up, ideally it would be awesome if all of them or even half of them stuck around. We’re not there yet.

However Meta Owner felt that the situation isn’t drastic still for the firm, as they expect such troughs through this new journey , he said

The drop in users is normal. I’m optimistic about retention rates improving as we add more features to the app.

Meta is looking at adding more retention-driving hooks to entice users to return to the app, like making sure people who are on the Instagram app can see important Threads.

Chief Product Officer Chris Cox was quoted as saying by Reuters.

According to recent data from SimilarWeb, Threads experienced a substantial decline in daily visits shortly after its launch, plummeting from 49 million to 23.6 million visits within just one week. The report indicates that Threads’ audience size is approximately 22 percent of Twitter’s, highlighting a significant difference in user engagement between the two platforms.

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