Twitter’s Action For Direct Messages

Twitter is going to experiment with direct messages. It will allow its users to send voice messages as a part of experimentation. An executive of twitter revealed the news and brazil are going to be the 1st country in the world where this experiment will be conducted and a new feature will be added. This update will result in having a simple interface. The update is not available to each and every user but the micro-blogging platform has released some audio tweets for users who have iOS systems either on their laptops or in their mobiles.

As people needed more options aside from the usual ones, the product manager of the social media giant said that these new updates will result in the free and expressive transmission of dialogues. He also confirmed that the company is working to create a twenty seconds voice message on the platform.



The simple interface which was mentioned earlier in this post will include a normal play and pause buttons. Also, twitter is working to produce an in-line recording function which will make the conversation easy. This update will be different from the previous audio tweets.

Though there have been no updates regarding the date of release, surely, brazil will be the first country where the feature will experiment. Also, users won’t be dealing with any issue as they can report a message if in case of users misuses the new feature.

Twitter did not provide accessibility in the feature that was released recently in June. Therefore, it is all set to release a new feature that will its users to use it properly (even the people who have a hearing impairment).
Other social media giants have already done such things but for twitter, it will be the first time.