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G-Pay To Share Purchaser’s Transaction Data With 3rd Parties 

G-pay operator google India digital services has asked the high court of the national capital to permit to share the transaction data with 3rd parties. Before this decision was taken, NPCI and PSP banks have already permitted the digital service.

Earlier google sought a PIL for the fact g-pay was accused of violating the country’s central bank’s rules and regulations of localization of data, sharing as well as storage.

The decision will be taken by the high court on 10th November due to a lack of response to RBI.



Also, google took this decision as it signed the affirmation saying that g-pay will have to transfer their users’ transaction information with 3rd parties.

Furthermore, the information stored does not include users’ PIN or card numbers but it has the name of the user, address, emails, etc. But, in the recent past, an advocate has asked Google not to share any information with any party.

Google was taking such steps as it was following NPCI’s rules as its rules and directs every third parties’ functioning. Also, as per google, there are other TPAPs but the petition was filed only against G-pay.

However, the data is not going to be stored by any 3rd party systems but it will be stored by PSP systems, which is contradictory to what Google has contended not a while ago.

Moreover, Google has rejected all the accusations regarding accessing any user’s position of staying to earn more profits.