Garmin ltd has presented a new watch in the market with some sharp and features. The company has named the products as venu sq and venu sq with a music version. Both these variants have some extraordinary features built-in it. The music version has in-built storage as well for storing songs from any musical platform.

Along with that, the venu sq version has been featured so that you check your fitness level and you can also monitor your health. It also has a feature to check your heart rate and track your sleep. It is valued at approximately 200 dollars. While the music edition is estimated a little higher i.e. 250 dollars.

Both the smartwatches have a feature that can check blood O2 levels. Also, both music version, as well as venu sq, has several colors to offer (they have their range of colors present) and you can choose whichever color you like.


Image from Garmin ltd


Customers can make their purchases online via the company’s official website.
Apart from the color options, in the musical version of Garmin; you can have around five hundred songs that you can listen to using either Bluetooth headphones or speakers. It also arrives with a mode called ‘Always On’. It has a color display of about 1.3 inches. The watch also comes with touch assistance and protection for the display screen.

The former, venu sq is better for fitness freaks as it has a multitude of options. You can check your breathing, heart rates, menstrual cycle. Plus, you can too analyze your sleep and check hydration. Not only this, but the smartwatch also allows their users to check their respiration activities. It is done at 4 stages. Furthermore, you can also connect your smartwatch and see the screen via the connect app of Garmin. The Garmin Connect app is available both on Android as well as iOS systems.

Additionally, the venu sq watches come with twenty sports that you can play either indoor as well as outdoor. After playing those sports, you can check the number of steps, know about the intensity per minute and check how much calories you burnt. Another cool feature is that you can also keep an eye on the amount of energy you spent at the same time planning your next exercise, resting time, or even sleep.

It too comes with a feature called ‘pulse oximeter’ that allows you to trace the saturation levels of your oxygen in the blood. Though this function is something that you can’t and shouldn’t rely on as it is not medically approved.

The venu sq edition has an in-built battery that is competent enough to run for 6 days in smartwatch mode and in GPS mode, the watch can run for fourteen hours.