Trell records a whopping 12+million new downloads since the Chinese app ban.

The Indian government has recently banned use of popular Chinese app TikTok along with 58 other. The Indian content creators are now inclining towards the Indian app Trell which is quite similar to TikTok. It also has similar features for making short-videos. The app recorded 12 million downloads in just 5 days soon after the Indian government made the announcement  to promote Atmanirbhar Bharat. It is currently trending as #1 in Free Lifestyle Apps. The platform has received 500K uploads in a single day with 220K New content creators

It is commonly known as Video Pinterest for Bharat. Trell  is mainly being used by the users to share their experiences, recommendations, and reviews in different categories like health and fitness, beauty and skincare, travel, movie reviews, cooking, home-décor and many more. It is a lifestyle video blogging platform which allows users to create 3-5-minute videos in their own native languages. It also has a ‘shop’ feature which lets them purchase the products which are featured in the video blogs. The platform also allows users to earn rewards, goodies and vacations through its interface.

Pulkit Agarwal, Co-Founder – Trell said,  they are highly delighted and they want to thank the Indian government for taking such a major step. This step is all set to open an avenue of opportunities for the Indian platforms thus following the vision of VocalForLocal. Grabbing this oppurtunity the Indian Internet Startups will grow faster thus aiming for better and enhanced customer experience. The foreign had advanced technology/algorithms, a highly experienced management team and a very heavy capital injection in the Indian Market thus making it difficult for Indian Startups to cope up. Some players copy Indian Digital Products pixel-by-pixel to challenge their very existence as well.  They are also taking efforts to ensure privacy of data and users. Trell has recently been launched in three new  languages; Marathi, Kannada and Bengali, making the total count to 8 languages.