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TomTom Collaborates with Microsoft to Introduce In-Vehicle Generative AI

Location technology specialist TomTom has joined forces with Microsoft to introduce generative artificial intelligence (AI) to the global automotive sector. TomTom utilized Microsoft’s AI advancements to create a fully integrated AI-powered conversational automotive assistant. The system aims to facilitate more sophisticated voice interaction for infotainment, location search, and vehicle command systems.

The AI-powered assistant allows drivers to engage in natural conversations with their vehicles, instructing it to navigate to specific locations, locate stops along a route, and control onboard systems through vocal commands.

Mike Schoofs, Chief Revenue Officer at TomTom, highlighted the collaborative vision with Microsoft, emphasizing the commitment to driving innovation in generative AI for enhanced customer solutions. Dominik Wee, Corporate Vice President for Manufacturing and Mobility at Microsoft, emphasized the longstanding collaboration between the two companies, emphasizing the integration of AI advances across the Microsoft Cloud with TomTom’s automotive expertise.



TomTom and Microsoft Collaborating To Bring Generative AI and Cloud  Analytics To Vehicles | IndianWeb2.com
TomTom and Microsoft Collaborating To Bring Generative AI and Cloud Analytics To Vehicles

We expressed that the partnership aims to provide drivers and carmakers with new AI-powered tools, enabling original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to deliver highly differentiated and unique cockpit experiences while preserving their distinctive brand identity.

The collaboration builds on the relationship initiated in 2016 when TomTom started working with Microsoft to power Azure Maps location services. The partnership subsequently expanded to include mapping data and services for Microsoft’s first-party maps.

TomTom’s AI-powered conversational assistant represents a notable step forward in integrating AI technology into vehicles, enhancing the overall driving experience. With the ability to engage in natural voice commands for navigation and infotainment, drivers can enjoy a more intuitive and user-friendly interaction with their vehicles. As the automotive industry continues to explore and implement AI solutions, partnerships like the one between TomTom and Microsoft contribute to the development of innovative technologies that shape the future of driving.

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