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Now you have the ability to generate personalized AI-generated songs using Microsoft’s AI chatbot Copilot

Microsoft’s AI chatbot Copilot has joined forces with Suno, an AI music startup based in Cambridge, to enable users to create AI-generated songs effortlessly. Through this collaboration, Copilot users can utilize Suno’s musical composition capabilities via a new plug-in on Discord, enhancing their experience with the Microsoft chatbot.

To initiate the music-making process, Copilot users simply need to log in to their accounts and activate the Suno plug-in or choose the option labeled “Make music with Suno.” The collaboration aims to streamline the creation of AI-generated songs by allowing users to provide concise text prompts, typically one or two lines, outlining the desired musical theme. For example, users can experiment with prompts like “craft a folk melody reminiscent of Alaska’s summer vibes” or “compose a feline-inspired tune in the style of Cat Power.”

Once these prompts are input into Copilot, Suno swiftly generates an original composition lasting one to two minutes, accompanied by a transcript of the lyrics.



With Microsoft Copilot, create AI songs via Suno - Know how and 5 prompts  that will help | How-to
With Microsoft Copilot, create AI songs via Suno – Know how and 5 prompts that will help

This collaboration reflects the growing trend among major tech companies to explore generative AI music tools. Meta’s open-source AudioCraft and Google’s YouTube tool are among the initiatives producing music based on text prompts or hummed tunes.

In addition to these tech giants, numerous AI music startups, including Soundful, Magenta, Beatbox, Soundraw, Loudly, Boomy, and Beatoven.ai, are actively contributing to the evolving landscape of AI-generated music.

For users on Suno’s free tier, commercializing AI-generated songs on platforms like YouTube or Spotify is restricted. However, paid subscribers obtain commercial rights to their musical creations. It’s important to note that Suno retains ownership of songs generated by free users, allowing for sharing on social platforms or non-commercial use of these compositions.

As the realm of AI-generated music continues to expand, the collaboration between Microsoft’s Copilot and Suno signals a new era of accessible, algorithmically composed melodies. This partnership provides a glimpse into the evolving potential of AI-driven creativity, highlighting the transformative impact of AI on the music composition process.

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