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Swiggy’s “Pawlice” to Aid in Finding Lost Pets via Main App

Swiggy has introduced a new feature called “Swiggy Pawlice” within its app, aimed at helping pet owners locate their missing pets. This initiative utilizes Swiggy’s extensive network of delivery partners, who can now assist in the search for lost pets reported through the app.

The launch of Swiggy Pawlice was marked by the presence of Shantanu Naidu, General Manager at Tata Trusts, House of the Chairman, and other pet parents. Through this feature, pet owners can report their missing pets on the Swiggy app, providing crucial details and photos. Swiggy’s vast network of over 350,000 delivery partners can then keep an eye out for these pets during their delivery routes. If a delivery partner spots a missing pet, they can alert a dedicated Swiggy team without directly interacting with the animal.

Upon receiving information from their delivery partners, Swiggy’s team contacts the pet owner with location details to facilitate a reunion. Swiggy also acknowledges and rewards successful efforts made by delivery partners in helping reunite lost pets with their owners.

In addition to the Swiggy Pawlice feature, the company has introduced a “Paw-ternity Policy” on National Pet Day. This policy offers benefits such as pet adoption leave and support for pet care to Swiggy employees, demonstrating the company’s commitment to promoting pet welfare and supporting its staff as pet owners.

Rohit Kapoor, CEO of Swiggy, highlighted the importance of the Swiggy Pawlice feature in alleviating the distress experienced by pet owners when their pets go missing. He emphasized the company’s readiness to serve as a dependable resource for assisting pet owners in such challenging situations.

Shantanu Naidu commended Swiggy for leading by example and taking responsibility for promoting animal welfare. He emphasized the need for businesses to demonstrate empathy and mindfulness towards the world around them. Naidu also mentioned initiatives like the Tata Animal Hospital, which offers subsidized and free treatment for stray animals in need of critical care, contributing to the overall ecosystem of animal welfare efforts.

Both Kapoor and Naidu emphasized the importance of corporate participation in animal welfare initiatives and creating a better world for all beings. Swiggy’s Swiggy Pawlice feature and its Paw-ternity Policy reflect the company’s commitment to supporting pet owners and promoting animal welfare through practical initiatives and policies.

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