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Zomato Expands into the Logistics Sector with the Launch of “Xtreme” for Merchants

Zomato, known for its food delivery services, has launched Zomato Xtreme, a service that allows merchants to send and receive small parcels. This move is aimed at expanding Zomato’s revenue streams and leveraging its extensive network of delivery partners for logistics. The service is designed to compete with other logistics providers such as Shadowfax, Loadshare, and Dunzo. Zomato Xtreme already has more than 3 lakh delivery partners and enables merchants to send intra-city packages weighing up to 10 kilograms, starting at a price of Rs 35. The service offers live tracking of shipments, similar to Zomato’s food delivery. Notably, the Xtreme app is currently only available for Android users, with no confirmation yet on when or if it will be launched for Apple users.

With this move, Zomato enters the logistics market and competes with other services like Swiggy’s Genie, which allows customers to send and receive packages. Zomato Xtreme aims to streamline the delivery process for merchants, whether they are small shops or large retailers. In the future, Zomato plans to establish a robust distribution and dealership network across major Indian cities. As the company aims to diversify its offerings and explore new revenue streams, Zomato Xtreme is part of its strategy to tap into the growing demand for logistics and delivery services in India’s fast-expanding e-commerce and on-demand delivery sectors.

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