R&M is now a Trusted Advisor for Connectivity

High Performance Network Connectivity (HPNC) is the fundamental benchmark R&M represents as a trusted advisor for data centers. HPNC solutions from R&M bring about significant and verifiable improvements in data throughput. R&M is committed to supplying connectivity solutions that outperform the industrial standards. With cabling systems from R&M, users can rest assured of their ability to tackle the challenges of the markets and upcoming technologies

unnamed (11)Challenge

Data center operators today are faced with a growing number of complex challenges. Factors such as virtualization, cloud computing, security issues, high density, data flow growth and new services have serious consequences for passive infrastructure. Cabling systems are also becoming ever more complex.

To achieve absolute operating reliability and maximum network performance, data centers need experienced and trusted advisors who know how to obtain optimum infrastructure. But what characteristic traits do trusted advisors have?


  • First, trusted advisors have to have a history. Their experience and knowledge of the market is a result of this history.
  • A trusted advisor is a reliable and conscientious partner who is pragmatic and absolutely competent.
  • A trusted advisor builds up long-term relationships in order to apply its expertise and strategic concepts in sensible ways.
  • As a manufacturer, it must also behave in a sustainable manner. This partner cannot focus on closing quick deals.
  • It must offer holistic forward-looking solutions covering many years and long-term system guarantees.
  • A trusted advisor must noticeably help the customer to achieve operational and financial goals and improve business processes, productivity and value creation. Together, the advisor and the customer must always strike a balance between investments, competitiveness and profitability.

unnamed (10)Recommendation

If data centers analyze their current situation objectively and honestly and if they hope to make full use of future market potential, then they must also pay major attention to their physical infrastructure. A reliable high-performance network is a cornerstone to long-term business success. High availability and performance begin with layer 1. To plan correctly in this area, it is good for customers to have a                                                                                            trusted advisor at their side.

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