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RIP Adobe Flash Player.

Adobe released a statement stating that Flash Player will reach End of Life(EOL) on 31 Dec 2020. They are urging the users to uninstall the application after the given date as beyond the stated timeline the security fixes will not be released. It further discourages the users not to download Flash Player applications from third-parties. Such downloads from unknown third parties might have malicious intent and may put the system at risk.
Satnam NarangStaff Research Engineer at Tenable  said that Adobe has previously made an announcement that it would reach the End of Life (EOL) on 31 Dec 2020 so that the developers, enterprises and users get enough time to solutions for newer technologies. Beyond the stated timeline Adobe will not release any security fixes. Un-patched versions of Adobe Flash are already as bait to cyber-thefts. Fake websites masked with fake Flash Player updates to convince users to download and install the malicious software are a major threat. He urges the users to be aware of such fake requests to prevent security attacks.