SPACE10 and IKEA launch a global platform for tech and interior design experts to experiment with the future of homes. is a web-based platform, initiated by IKEA and design lab SPACE10. It has some of the most interesting technology and design studios which presents a series of digital experiments focusing on how we can interact with the space we live in.

It presents various ideas as how our homes can be experienced in the most extraordinary way using technology.The experiments are mainly based on AI, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and cutting-edge Spatial Intelligence.


Technology is an irreplaceable part of our lives. How about using mobile device as a tool to sense how sound moves around the space. What if furniture could be changed into living creatures just like a children’s imagination. How about controlling the spatially aware devices as how they can sense and process in our home while ensuring privacy.

Fredrik Axén, Digital Manager Core Business Franchise, Inter IKEA Systems B.V. said that their primary focus is on people and planet. The future home should be all about people. A place where people feel safe, comfortable and protected. Technology is becoming a pivotal part of IKEA’s customer experience and home furnishing offer. They are exploring new ideas to make a perfect and most comfortable lifestyle which at the same time ensures privacy. 

Bas Van De Poel, Creative Director at SPACE10 said that home is not only about living. It is the place where one works, interacts with the children and connects with the world digitally. They are exploring new technological and design innovations that can help making tomorrow’s life at home far better.


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