With the new Android 11 round the corner, Google has redesigned its Google Photos application for both Android and iOS devices. It now sports a unique design and even a new logo for the app. It now has an extensive memories section that contains all the collages frames and videos which google creates for you. These were previously under the ‘For you’ tab, which they have merged with Memories and now looks a lot cleaner. There are only there tabs at the dock below Photos, Search, and Library. The Memories tab comes under the Photos dock, which now collects the best photos using Google algorithm, including most viewed photos and videos. Google also likes to crate animation for its user using their photo. All these features are retained under the Memories tab. They have made the application interface ore smoother with less white spaces and more content on screen. The search tab includes a new map view and quick access to people and places which were previously found in the Albums dock. The Albums dock has been removed to make the interface more comprehensible. In the map view, you will be able to view those if you have turned on the location settings while taking the picture or manually enter the location. This feature is similar to what Apple Gallery has to offer and has become a very efficient way to navigate through images. In the new Library dock, there are options like albums, favorites, trash, and archive. Google has announced that in a few countries, it will also feature printing photos and getting them delivered probably; this will first arrive in the USA and Europe. The new logo now has curved edges instead of the previous version’s sharp looks. Google has retained the in-wheel design and redefined the complete application. Goggle has also included a new feature t hide places and pictures you don’t want to see, but neither ant to delete them so that it doesn’t bring back bad memories. These new designs are thoughtful from the company, which has seen a decline in the efficiency of the application because of the disorganized array of pictures. Google is working on improving the interface to make it more comfortable.