Recent reports suggest that Google plans to demo a version of its search engine with AI chatbot features and launch 20 new products, following ChatGPT ‘code red’

After releasing a “code red” on the rise of ChatGPT in December, Google seems to be refocusing on AI. Following the debut of OpenAI’s chatbot, The New York Times stated that Google had been shaken out of its routine.

According to The Times, which cited a presentation it had seen and two people familiar with the plans, Google has plans to introduce more than 20 new products this year and demo a version of Google Search with AI chatbot characteristics.

Insider’s request for comment, conducted outside of regular business hours, did not immediately receive a response from Google representatives.

A spokesperson for the company told The Times: “We continue to test our AI technology internally to make sure it’s helpful and safe, and we look forward to sharing more experiences externally soon.”

They further stated that Google was taking into account the technology’s broader societal impacts. The introduction of ChatGPT has raised questions about the viability of conventional search engines. According to reports, Microsoft, an OpenAI investor, intends to introduce a Bing feature that uses ChatGPT’s technology. By the end of March, it might become apparent. Instead than only showing relevant links for some searches, the goal is to give users the information they need.

Because of worries about ChatGPT’s accuracy, AI specialists, search experts, and current and former Google employees told Insider’s Tom Dotan that ChatGPT was unlikely to be a replacement for Google search just yet. The Times stated that among Google’s top concerns for the chatbot search demo were safety, combating false information, and assuring factual accuracy.

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