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Apple may enhance Siri’s performance and efficiency with its AI advancement

Apple, while relatively tardy in embracing AI compared to its industry counterparts, appears to have ambitious plans for 2024. Anticipation is high for the WWDC 2024 keynote, where significant focus on AI is expected, likely prompting the customary game of associating any mention of AI with a coffee shot.

Rumors suggest that Apple is developing an AI model poised to surpass ChatGPT in both performance and speed. This forthcoming AI model, named Reference Resolution As Language Modeling (ReALM), holds promise for significant improvements to Siri’s capabilities.

Apple is prioritizing on-device AI capabilities, aiming to exert greater control over content and responses while safeguarding user data privacy. According to recent reports, ReALM demonstrates superior performance to ChatGPT 4 despite having fewer parameters, making it feasible for Apple to deploy an on-device model.

The ReALM AI model is purportedly adept at converting images into text, facilitating faster and more efficient processing of parameters. This technological advancement could position iOS 18 as an AI-rich platform for iPhone users, potentially unleashing the full potential of Siri in its 2.0 iteration, leveraging the capabilities of the ReALM model.

For instance, Siri could seamlessly execute tasks such as initiating a call from a phone number displayed on a webpage, with the AI model swiftly converting the text and placing the call without requiring additional interaction from the user.

The integration of on-device AI capabilities could bolster Apple’s appeal to consumers, potentially enticing more individuals to embrace its devices. Moreover, there is speculation that Apple may collaborate with Google or OpenAI to offer iPhone users access to advanced AI tools such as image generation and AI video creation, which demand substantial computing power beyond the scope of on-device processing.

The prospect of Apple introducing its proprietary AI models has generated considerable excitement, with expectations running high for the unveiling of its AI lineup at WWDC 2024 in June.

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