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Quote on Union Budget Expectation 2024 | Acer India

Alok Dubey, Chief Finance Officer, Acer India

The upcoming Union Budget 2024 has the potential to shape the IT Tech sector in the next fiscal year. As we anticipate Budget 2024, our expectations revolve around fostering India’s tech innovation ecosystem. We look forward to heightened investments in Research and development and Artificial Intelligence, underlining a strategic roadmap emphasizing innovation, sustainability, and accessibility within the industry. Aligned with the Make in India initiative, we expect that the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) program, designed to support IT hardware and computer server manufacturers, along with the government’s resolute commitment to digital skill development, will be accorded significant priority. We anticipate a budget that not only aligns with but elevates the Make in India objectives, providing a robust framework for the growth and alignment of the IT Tech sector.” ——- Alok Dubey, Chief Finance Officer, Acer India

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