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Apollo Hospital Seshadripuram Partners with LifeSigns, inducts advanced AI-Powered 24×7 Remote Patient Monitoring System

  • Hospital to monitor all patients digitally with the use of technology and biosensors

Apollo Hospital Seshadripuram, a renowned multi-specialty hospital in Bangalore, announces a pioneering partnership with LifeSigns, a leading AI-powered health-monitoring technology company. This collaboration empowers the hospital with a cutting-edge 24/7 wireless and remote patient monitoring system, marking a significant advancement in precision healthcare and proactive patient management.

In its commitment to digital transformation, Apollo Hospital Seshadripuram will continue to integrate upgraded LifeSigns solutions into its core operations and make it available to all patients from now onwards. This innovative system utilizes biosensors worn by patients to continuously track vital signs, including ECG, blood pressure, SPO2, and more. Real-time data is securely transmitted to a platform accessible to medical professionals, facilitating continuous monitoring and early identification of potential complications.

Early detection of vital sign fluctuations can prevent critical events, leading to improved patient outcomes. The continuous monitoring capability enables doctors to tailor treatment plans, adjust medication dosages, and deliver proactive care with enhanced confidence. Furthermore, the system aids in effective healthcare expert resource allocation, prioritizing patient care based on real-time needs and minimizing unnecessary interventions.

This strategic partnership between Apollo Hospital Seshadripuram and LifeSigns underscores a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance patient well-being and exemplifies a significant step forward in the future of healthcare. The hospital looks forward to redefining standards in healthcare delivery and reinforcing its position as a leader in providing advanced and compassionate medical services.

Uday Davda – Unit Head & Vice President, Apollo Hospitals, Seshadripuram expressed “We are thrilled to partner with LifeSigns and offer our patients the best possible care through cutting-edge technology. This transformative collaboration not only elevates patient care but also streamlines hospital operations, ushering in a new era of data-driven healthcare efficiency and showcasing the true potential of AI in transforming healthcare”

The wireless and remote patient monitoring system is all set to change how healthcare is given. It helps keep track of patients not just in the hospital but also when they are at home or on the way. LifeSigns technology makes ambulances SMART by monitoring patients inside. After leaving the hospital, it continues to take care of patients at home, creating a continuous connection between home and hospital. In a nutshell, LifeSigns solution allows for monitoring from home to the hospital and back home.

Hari Subramaniam – Founder & CEO, LifeSigns said “We’re honored to collaborate with a renowned hospital like Apollo. This landmark partnership not only elevates patient care at the hospital, but also sets a precedent for integrating advanced AI solutions into hospitals. Together, we’re paving the way for a future where data-driven healthcare ensures better outcomes for patients and healthcare systems alike”

Dr Girish Chandra, Co-founder & Director, LifeSigns said, “It has always been our mission at LifeSigns to bridge the gap between technology and healthcare. Our wireless monitoring solution enhances patient outcomes and ensures a more secure and effective healthcare delivery. The key advantage lies in the early detection of warning signs, paving the way for timely interventions and improved patient care”

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