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FUJIFILM India Unveils Two Professional Film-Based Offerings at CEIF 2024 in Mumbai

FUJIFILM India has rekindled the spirit of nostalgia by introducing two professional film-based products, QuickSnap FLASH Superia X-TRA 400, and Consumer Film FUJIFILM 200 & FUJIFILM 400, at the Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair (CEIF) 2024 in Mumbai. Held at Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai, and organized by the All-India Photographic Trade and Industry Association, CEIF is a premier global imaging exhibition that attracts participation from leading brands in the industry. This unveiling marks a significant milestone in FUJIFILM’s commitment to innovation and excellence in photography.

Within the niche film photography market, there exists a stable consumer base actively seeking alternative visual experiences through analog photography. This audience includes a diverse combination of users looking for a retro look, photography enthusiasts eager to experiment with film-based products, and occasion-based users utilizing film for events, travel, or family occasions. Therefore, the newly launched products align perfectly with these market demands.

The QuickSnap FLASH Superia X-TRA 400 introduces a disposable camera pre-loaded with Fujifilm’s Superia X-TRA 400 film for instant photography. With its hassle-free functionality, this easy-to-use camera requires no manual settings, making it perfect for capturing everyday moments or special events. Its standout features include reliable image quality, disposable convenience, and a built-in flash designed for low-light conditions. Additionally, the company’s 35mm consumer film rolls are now available for FUJIFILM 200 and FUJIFILM 400 ISO. These films cater to general-purpose photography, delivering clear and detailed images despite the lighting conditions. This versatility makes them ideal companions for documenting and capturing everyday life.



FUJIFILM India Launches Revoria Press EC1100
FUJIFILM India Launches Revoria Press EC1100

Mr. Koji Wada, Managing Director of FUJIFILM India, commented on the launches, stating, “At FUJIFILM India, we are mindful of the changing demand and aspirations of consumers, and being at the pioneer in technology, it gives us immense gratification to lead the innovation while also preserving the heritage and nostalgia. Film photography represents the evolution of visual storytelling; it is an embodiment of authenticity, tangible moments, and the artistic vision frozen in every frame. At FUJIFILM India, our heritage revolves around perfecting this forever charm of analog imaging. Consequently, whenever we launch a new film-based product, it resonates deeply with us because of our company’s roots. As the younger generation embraces this nostalgic and retro aesthetic amidst the digital age, we aspire to equip them with the right tools to preserve these traditions.”

“In a fast-paced digital era, film photography creates a unique connection between creator and subject, inviting viewers to slow down and feel the moment with each shot. Thus, the resurgence of film photography isn’t merely a revival of old techniques but about the human need to cherish genuine connections. At FUJIFILM India, we are thrilled to launch these new products that cater to this rising demand by integrating our innovative technologies with the emotional resonance of film photography. This convergence of old and new will spark endless creativity and nostalgia among this enthusiastic customer segment,” said Mr. Centhilnathan L, Head of Division, Photo Imaging, FUJIFILM India.

Despite the rise of high-quality photos in today’s digital age, a youthful movement towards the authentic and timeless allure of film has emerged in the photography communities worldwide. Hence, fulfilling the current market needs, FUJIFILM India’s strategic innovation is evident through its remarkable range of film-based products. This move involves a multifaceted approach: first, embracing the charm and authenticity of traditional analog photography; second, undertaking awareness initiatives such as workshops, tutorials, and exhibitions to showcase the unique artistry behind film-based photography; and third, maintaining a sustainability focus by highlighting the eco-friendliness and reduced waste prospects associated with film-based photography. This comprehensive strategy underscores FUJIFILM India’s efforts toward innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity in the photography industry.

The QuickSnap FLASH Superia X-TRA 400 camera will be available from the end of January 2024, and the Consumer Film FUJIFILM 200 & FUJIFILM 400 will be available from April across online e-commerce platforms.

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