“Quality First, Customer First” Mr. Tejas Seth , Director , Asia Powercom

Mr. Tejas Sheth, Director at Asia Powercom
Mr. Tejas Sheth, Director at Asia Powercom

ITVoice: What is the Present Focus of the Company?

Mr. Tejas Seth: We have already leaped into computer peripheral segment this year. Present focus of Asia Powercom is to increase the demand of our new product lines by providing desired  quality in affordable price tag & to reach out to North East market, as the market is less  reached compared to other regions of India.

ITVoice:  What is your go to Market Strategy?

Mr. Tejas Seth: Providing the cost effective, class in quality products to customers and working with our  partners closely. Boost our partners with regular schemes/offers which acts as a value  addition to their business profits and maintain their involvement with Asia Powercom  activities as a team.

ITVoice:  How Important are the Channel Partners for Asia Powercom?

Mr. Tejas Seth:  Right from the beginning of Asia Powercom, a lot of channel partners have helped us to  reach the peak of success in various ways. They play the major and key role in getting  the brand and its products to reach directly the customers. They are also representing  the brand by offering better after sales support. They have been our back bone all the  time.
ITVoice: What is the Contribution of Channel to your Business?

Mr. Tejas Seth:  We have good distribution network in India, Asia Powercom market is spread across  length & breadth of India. We will keep adding new partner as we are adding more & more product category & product SKU. It is our endeavor to ensure that all our partners  are happy & on the maximum benefit.

Asia_Powercom_Tiesup ITVoice: What are the Programs you are Doing for Channels?

Mr. Tejas Seth: We have very good engagement with partner community. Most of our partners are old & they have good tie up with us. We work for long time & most of them are with us from  day 1. That shows loyalty of our brand and our channel partner. We have planned to  introduce at least one channel scheme every month to promote our brand and to help  our partner community.
ITVoice: From Which Verticals the Growth is likely to Come for Asia Powercom?
Mr. Tejas Seth: Consumer and SMBs are two verticals where growth is likely to come for Asia  Powercom.

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