Pantum Channel Meeting held to celebrate Company’s success

Pantum International Limited  is originated from a spirit of moving ahead and becoming stronger day by day. It means that this company is growing fastly in their printing  industry and also has the mission of providing printing services in China and even across the world. Pantum efforts and persistence has listed it’s company in China’s top 500 entreprises. It’s motive is to make achievements with intense motivation and strong will. It provides healthier and better printer products and services.  In Pantum “pan” is a verb which means to move forward very fast by overcoming all and “tum” is a noun which means bright future. So this obviously means that this company has a very bright future and is growing rapidly

    Pantum International Limited recently held a meeting at Hotel Golden Tulip MI Road in Jaipur on 3rd of June from 07:30 pm onwards. Dheeraj Sharma who  is the business manager (Rajasthan) of Pantum International Limited. He gave the introduction of the Pantum International Limited. Abhra Das, National Sales Manager took forward the introduction by addressing about the products . Kartik Paul who is the service head of Pantum International Limited gave the technical information of the company’s  products. In the end, meeting got over by giving awards to the partner’s of the company.

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