PUBG Makers Unveil ‘Ana,’ A Hyper-Realistic Virtual Human With Influencer Ambitions

PUB-G creators built a hyper-realistic virtual human character Ana to assist the establishment of it’s Web3ecosystem. Krafton, PUB-G’s parent company said that they are hoping to turn Ana into celebrity in order for attracting the interest and popularity of GenZ around the world. This claimed that Ana is powered with hyperrealism, rigging and deep learning.

Josh Seokjin Shin, Krafton’s creative centre head said that Ana as an influencer will expand her scope of activity in different areas across entertainment and esports by releasing her music. Ana will be the face of Krafton multiverse which is built by unreal engine which is also a tool which is aimed at creating unrealistic people. Ana displays her hyper realistic appearance and blurring the lines between digital character and real human. Ana looks like virtual human with human like features like baby hairs and fluff on her skin who exists with technologies.

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