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OpenAI announces the return of Sam Altman as CEO with an agreement reached

OpenAI has announced the return of Sam Altman as CEO, accompanied by an agreement that includes the formation of a new board consisting of three members: Bret Taylor as Chair, Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo. Altman’s sudden departure from OpenAI, where he was dismissed over a video call along with co-founder Greg Brockman, had stirred discussions in the tech community in recent days. However, the latest developments indicate a resolution to the internal turmoil as an agreement has been reached for Altman’s return.

In a tweet, OpenAI confirmed the agreement, expressing gratitude for the patience exhibited during this period of uncertainty. The tweet specified the formation of a new board, with Bret Taylor serving as Chair, along with Larry Summers and Adam D’Angelo as key members. The details of the agreement and Altman’s return are currently being worked out collaboratively by the OpenAI team.

Altman and Brockman responded to OpenAI’s tweet, expressing their commitment to returning “stronger and more unified.” Brockman affirmed his dedication to coding at OpenAI, signaling a positive outlook after the recent upheavals.





OpenAI announces Sam Altman to return as CEO, HR News, ETHRWorld
OpenAI announces Sam Altman to return as CEO

Altman, in his statement, professed his love for OpenAI and detailed his efforts to uphold the team and its mission during the tumultuous period. He addressed his decision to join Microsoft, explaining that it was the best course for him and the team at that particular juncture. Altman expressed enthusiasm about returning to OpenAI with the support of the new board and Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella.

Satya Nadella welcomed Altman’s return, noting that the changes in the OpenAI board represent an essential step toward more stable and effective governance. Nadella emphasized the pivotal role Altman and Brockman have to play in ensuring OpenAI’s continued success and collaboration with Microsoft in advancing AI.

Nadella had earlier announced Altman and Brockman’s inclusion in a new division at Microsoft leading AI efforts, praising Altman’s addition to the company. In an interview with CNBC, Nadella hinted at the possibility of Altman returning to OpenAI, emphasizing that the decision rested with the OpenAI board, management, and employees.

The recent developments align with the demands put forth by OpenAI’s employees in a letter addressed to the board. The letter, signed by around 700 of the 770 employees, called for the reinstatement of Altman and Brockman, threatening resignations otherwise. The employees also demanded the formation of a new board, a condition now met with the announcement of the new board structure.

The situation had been further complicated by investors pressuring the OpenAI board to reinstate Altman as CEO, leading to the appointment of Mira Murati and later ex-Twitch chief Emmett Shear. The employees’ demands and the recent developments signify a potential resolution to the internal strife at OpenAI, allowing the organization to refocus on its mission and collaboration with Microsoft in the AI space.

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