ooVoo Reinvents The Video Chat Experience

oovoo_logoooVoo, the largest independent social video chat provider with over 85 million registered subscribers worldwide, today announced a new mobile app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets. The ooVoo mobile app provides leading quality video chat and now enables users to record and share video messages called “ooVies,” further intensifying social engagement among friends. The intuitive design streamlines the video calling experience on all devices and is available in twelve languages.

The free ooVoo app can be downloaded today in the App Store or in Google Play.

Additional innovative features include:

Entirely new user experience including “tap-tap-go” group calling interface.

Industry-first video status updates

Video call effects including filters available during video calls

Photo messaging and video messaging (our users’ most requested features)

Group video chat, group voice calling, and group text messaging

Speed dialing feature for your “Fab 5″ best friends

One-touch screenshot capturing to save and share with friends

Me screen: User created profile with videos, photos, and text status updates

Friends screen: See videos, photos, and text status messages created by your friends Advanced friend finder: Search ooVoo, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and your personal contact list to add friends

Localized to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, standard and traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese

Primarily used by millennials in the US, ooVoo remains steadfast in its commitment to the mobile platform.

Since the beginning, our industry has treated mobile video chat the same way as texting or phone calling,” said Robert Jackman, CEO of ooVoo, “but we know from watching our users that video is fundamentally different, it’s more personal and intimate. It deserves its own design principles and unique features and that is exactly what ooVoo has done for its users.

Since most millennials prefer to have a close-knit network of friends over a large amount of contacts, ooVoo found an innovative way for users to stay close to their favorite friends and family members with “Fab 5,” a feature that allows easy access to their closest contacts with one tap from the app’s welcome screen.

Powered by cloud-based technology, ooVoo is a social video chat hub that streams HD-quality video and audio with less dropped calls than its competitors. ooVoo supports all platforms including iPhones, iPads, Android mobile phones and tablets, desktop computers, and Facebook. In addition to video chat, users can also exchange text messages, send video messages, and capture screenshots of their video calls.