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An analyst predicts the arrival of a foldable MacBook from Apple by 2027

Various rumors have surfaced regarding Apple’s potential entry into the foldable device market. Some speculations suggest the development of a foldable iPad resembling the iPad mini, while others indicate a flip-style foldable akin to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series. However, a recent revelation adds a new dimension to these discussions. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, renowned for his accurate predictions about Apple’s strategies, has hinted at the possibility of a sizable 20-inch MacBook featuring a foldable display—a concept corroborated by several other sources.

Kuo shared insights into Apple’s future plans, stating, “Recently, I’ve received many inquiries about whether Apple plans to mass-produce the foldable iPhone or iPad in 2025 or 2026. My latest survey indicates that currently, Apple’s only foldable product with a clear development schedule is the 20.3-inch MacBook, expected to enter mass production in 2027.” However, Kuo did not elaborate further on this statement.

The prospect of a foldable MacBook presents an intriguing possibility. Currently, Apple’s largest available MacBook boasts a 16-inch display powered by the M3 chipset lineup. While the brand previously offered a 17-inch model, it has since been discontinued. The idea of a 20-inch foldable MacBook introduces a novel concept to the laptop market, albeit with potential practical challenges.


Indeed, the notion of a consumer-grade laptop sporting a 20-inch display may seem impractical at first glance. However, envisioning a laptop screen capable of unfolding to reveal a larger display size sparks curiosity and interest among consumers. Such a design innovation could offer unique advantages and redefine user experiences in the laptop domain.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to recognize that these rumors are still in the early stages, and Apple’s plans are subject to change. Therefore, it’s essential to approach this information with cautious optimism, acknowledging that further developments may alter the trajectory of Apple’s product roadmap.

In conclusion, the emergence of rumors surrounding a potential foldable 20-inch MacBook from Apple adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing discourse on foldable devices. While the concept presents exciting possibilities, it’s essential to await official confirmation or further details from Apple before drawing definitive conclusions. Until then, enthusiasts and industry observers can only speculate on the potential impact of such a groundbreaking innovation from one of the world’s leading tech companies.

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